This summer I had a car accident that resulted in the totaling of my trusty, beloved White Bandit (Corolla). As a result, it demanded the purchase of my new Honda Civic that I love.  Purchasing a newer car is on my list, and as fate would have it, the perfect storm created the opportunity to get it.  Life is funny that way.

So, with another one off the list, I am forced to confront the fact that I have a mere six months to complete my long list before I turn thirty.  THIRTY.  I am bewildered that so much time has passed so quickly, but I know that I am looking forward to what life has to offer in my future.  I have crossed off so many things off of my vision board lately, and although much of it is not on the list that I created a few years ago, things are rolling along and good things are happening.  

We can plan life all we want, but at the end of the day, it means shit. Total and utter shit…life unfolds as it should, based on our choices and the choices we don’t make. I am perfectly open and okay with that fact.  I am embracing all of it with open arms and an open mind, all the while attempting to hold down my place in the driver’s seat to focus my direction where I hope it to follow.  I have no doubt that all will be well and better than I even hope to happen.  Cheers to life.

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