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Auld Lang Syne

I must confess that it’s been far too long since I posted, but I had to find clarity and balance through solitude, which I felt was best kept to myself.  Sometimes it is most beneficial to unplug, stop writing, and really seek direction and a healthy perspective in order to write anything worth a damn.  I can honestly say that I am well-armed to accomplish many of the things that I have set out to conquer previously.  I even managed to cross off a few during my hibernation from writing.

Since my last post, I have landed a new job that I love, moved into my own apartment (I’ve always had roommates), enrolled for and taken writing courses, healed the worst heartbreak of my life thus far, became an ordained minister, became a member at the local spiritual center, and spent a week in Las Vegas that was full of wonderful moments.  All of those things, aside from moving into my own place and mending a broken heart, were on my list that I created a few years ago, so I was pretty proud of myself for picking myself up and ending the year like a champ in spite of how the year began. In a few months, I will turn 29, and kick off the last year of my twenties, which will force me to use my time wisely in order to achieve what I have set out to do.


I kicked off 2014 with a dear friend and a driven clear head.  I have battled with my biggest fear (failure) with my writing for many years, and apparently that is a very commom fear among writers.  The end of a year always makes us review our setbacks and strengths in order to prepare for a new beginning, and the hope for an even better future.  I’ve got spectacular hopes for my 29th year in this life and I look forward to sharing them.  Happy New Year to you!

In love,


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